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The Market (in Dublin)

August 22nd, 2013

Photo: Mark Curran aus: The Market, Bethlehem, Trader, Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX) …what people don’t understand… is that what happens in the market is pivotal to their lives… not on the periphery, but slap, bang, in the middle… – From telephone conversation with Trader (name withheld), Dealing Room, Investment Bank, London, February 2013 The installation […]

Die Lausitz in Portugal

September 12th, 2011

untitled, (looking east), Tagebau Cottbus, Jänschwalde, Lausitz, Eastern Germany January 2007 (glass slide, single projection) Mark Curran zeigt im Rahmen von ENCONTROS DA IMAGEM ab kommenden Samstag seine neueste Arbeit ausschnitte aus EDEN/extracts from EDEN in Braga, Portugal